Overcome struggles, breathe new life into relationships, and transform fears into freedom. Learn to enjoy life fully!

  • Individuals

    It is important to know that you aren't alone. Whether you are dealing with relationship issues, depression, sadness, anxiety, grief, loss, PTSD, traumatic events or more, there is hope. With the proper counseling, you can overcome these struggles and begin to feel peaceful, confident and whole.


    If you are a couple, it is very likely that you have had an argument or two. If you were able to disagree and still show respect and compassion, great! However, if you are struggling through your relationship, you may need counseling. Whether you are dealing with communication issues, resentment, misunderstandings, parenting issues, life goals, values or more, counseling can help you transform and heal your relationship.


    Marriage is a sacred bond between two people. Unfortunately, as life progresses, situations often occur that cause hurt. If you are having problems with infidelity, life transitions, blended families, anger issues, compatibility or even divorce, it is important that you seek out professional counseling. Marriages can be healed and restored and become fulfilling for both people.


    Families frequently face situations that can disrupt the harmony and peace of daily life . Some families need help to resolve certain challenges such as sibling rivalry, extended families issues, abandonment and rejection, death, illness and parent / child relationships. Learning to resolve these issues with professional counseling can greatly benefit every member of the family for many years.

    Who Is Gina Gamage, LMHC?

    Gina offers warmth, compassion, skill, and over twenty years of dedicated experience. She employs a holistic approach utilizing a variety of techniques to facilitate rapid growth and change. In a supportive and nurturing way, she guides clients from feelings of fear, anger, depression, grief and anxiety into inner peace, joy, acceptance, forgiveness and empowerment. Gina teaches clients how to have more fulfilling relationships with themselves and others.

    Among other methods, Gina specializes in the use of EMDR, which is based on the premise that each person has both the innate tendency to move toward health and wholeness and the inner capacity to achieve it. EMDR is grounded in psychological science and brain research. Gina completed advanced training in EMDR in 1993 and has found it extremely effective in facilitating clients to achieve the changes they desire.